Sydnee Coccimiglio

Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife

Sydnee Coccimiglio


Camping & Outdoors


For as long as Sydney can remember she has had a passion for cooking. When she was a child, she remembers cooking with her grandma at her grandparents house. Her grandmother was the best cook, who enjoyed every minute of it. Sydnee still enjoys cooking for her family and husband Nathan Coccimiglio. There are some recipe she uses from her past, but just like her grandma, she's constantly trying new ones. 


A few years back Sydnee saw a talk show that was talking about coupons. It showed her all that she could be saving on items daily. She then decided to give it a try. She followed tips that were given on the show and was amazed at how much she was able to save. Most of items that she buys often can be bought for cheap and sometimes even for free. Couponing ultimately saved her and her family a fortune. 

As a child, Sydnee's parents would take her and her family camping every year. They would go to so many different places. Her brother and her would explore as much as they could of a any area. They would hike, play in the rivers, and skip rocks on the lake. At the camp ground her dad would always get a huge fire going for them to cook hot dogs, roast marsh-mellows, and more. Her mom would bring tons of games to play. Sydnee continues to make memories with her husband, Nathan Coccimiglio. Whether just the two of them are camping mountain biking or scuba diving by themselves or with family and friends. They do a lot of the same traditions, she did as a child. Now that she is a mother, she can not wait to she her daughter all the camping lessons and memories her parents showed her.